Owls: Mysterious Creatures of the Night.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

With the Northern Saw-whet Owl as her “spark bird”, Alexandra Forsythe has taken a special interest in owls.  Many of us have extensive life lists, but we know very little about owls. These creatures of the night have unique adaptations, abilities and behaviors that have rarely been studied, each owl species different from the next. Learn more about these special birds of prey during this highly entertaining and interactive presentation by Alexandra Forsythe. She is an experienced raptor rehabber for Soarin’ Hawk, and a long-time participant in Project Owlnet. She is the author of the Indiana Audubon Society’s “Bird of the Month” articles, and Youth Advisor for Indiana Audubon Society. At just 15, she is Indiana’s first Young Birder of the Year and a highly sought-after speaker. She will be introduced by Joel Greenberg. NOTE: CHANGE OF VENUE!! THIS MEETING WILL BE AT THE LEVY CENTER IN EVANSTON, 300 DODGE, IN THE LINDEN ROOM.  PLENTY OF PARKING.  SAME TIME: 7:30