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We hope you will join or renew your membership in Evanston North Shore Bird Club.  Please read this notice so that you are familiar with our membership dates and policies.


Our membership year is MAY 1 to APRIL 30.  All memberships expire April 30 (except Life Members and new members who joined AFTER DECEMBER 31 OF THE PREVIOUS YEAR).  
Membership in ENSBC entitles you to receive our Membership Directory in August.  It includes member contact information that allows you to network and coordinate carpooling, for example, to our programs and field trips, which are listed in the Field Trip and Programs pages and in the calendar on the website.  

You will also receive our newsletter, BirdCalls, with its rich array of news, stories, announcements and photographs.  BirdCalls also provides updates or changes in Field Trips or Programs, as does the website. 
Members also receive our e-news, with timely announcements about club activities and news about the conservation world in Chicago and Illinois. 

TO JOIN: click the JOIN button and pay either by check  TO ENSBC, PO BOX 1313, EVANSTON, IL 60204 or pay by credit card.
TO RENEW:  click the RENEW button.  Renew either by check or credit card. Make changes to your personal information by emailing

         To make an additional contribution to support ENSBC, or to support the Ruth Milgrom Fund to support special ENSBC monthly programs, or to support the Clark Street Beach Bird Sanctuary, please use the DONATE button. You can give special instructions to the "seller" (ENSBC) about which fund you would like your donation to support.

Thank you for being a member of ENSBC!