PROGRAM: Libby Hill and ENSBC Cuba Travelers: “Cuba Libre! Birding on the Caribbean's Biggest Island

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Cuba is a land of beautiful landscapes, endemic birds, wonderful people, incredible cars, and constant music. Led by our own Josh Engel with a wonderful local guide, an ENSBC group traveled from the hills west of Havana to the barrier islands to the east and to the swamps in the country’s south. We covered a lot of ground and found nearly all of the endemic birds, including the spectacular Cuban Trogon, the remarkable Bee Hummingbird, and the rare Zapata Wren. Despite Cuba's being something of a "forbidden land" for Americans, we found the traveling to be easy, the people to be welcoming, and the birds to be fabulous. Libby returned to Cuba, birding her way with a different group to different locations.